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How To Keep The Spark Alive During A Long Term Relationship 

April 17, 2020

Almost every relationship begins in the same way – you never argue, you love all of the exact same things, and you can’t keep your hands off each other. 

Then gradually things change. You start to take each other for granted. You don’t want to have sex as frequently, you crave personal space, and you come to the realization that not everything is perfect. Your honeymoon phase has come to end. So how can you keep the spark alive somehow while still embracing this new stage of your relationship?

The following are seven things you can do to keep that spark alive in your long term relationship. 


  1. Have date night on a regular basis. 

It is very easy to get complacent when you are in a relationship and get into a routine where you don’t make your relationship exciting and interesting. A lot of couples drop date night when they have their first child citing being too busy or too tired. Unfortunately this happens all too often at a time when the couple relationship needs more not less attention. Dating should be part of all relationships no matter how long the couple has been together. 2 hours a week devoted to date night will help to keep your relationship humming along.


  1. Be adventurous 

Another good way to keep your spark alive is to try out something new and adventurous together. Whether you are traveling to a new destination or exploring a new hobby, it is something that you can both look forward to.


  1. Try out new sexual things together.

If your sex life is starting to get boring, you and your partner can try something new to spice things up a bit. Whether you decide to introduce role-playing or dressing up into your relationship or exploring other pleasure sources, it is very important for you and your partner to communicate what might be exciting to you both. 


  1. Surprise one another. 

Write a love note and put it in his car or briefcase or bring her flowers occasionally when she is least expecting it. 


  1. Remind your partner why you love them. 

Remember to tell your partner about their qualities or attributes which you like and admire, the qualities which attracted you in the beginning of your relationship.


  1. Be affectionate and accept affection 

Hold hands, have a cuddle on the sofa or simply look at each other affectionately. Remember most of the communication that happens between people about their relationship happens at a non-verbal level. 


  1. Have Fun Together 

The most important thing of all is to make sure you have fun together. Tease each other, goof around, go out and spend time with friends, and simply enjoy being together. Your partner is always your best friend if you have a solid relationship. So make sure to not neglect that. 

If you’d like to speak with a psychologist about your relationship, feel free to reach out to Glenn Munt by clicking here. 




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