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Psychometric Assessment

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Psychometric Assessment

Why choose us?
Mary has over 30 years experience assessing children and adolescents in a variety of settings, including within hospitals, schools, and community health. Beyond the diagnosis of learning difficulties, Mary views this as directly informing her individualized clinical interventions.
She engages easily with a variety of children and supports their anxiety within the sessions, to allow them to demonstrate their real level of ability. Mary utilizes the Weschler scales, specifically the WISC-V and the WIAT-III. Her personalised and detailed reports include specific clinical insights and recommendations for how best to enable the child to work to their true potential.

How can it help you?
Psychometric assessment identifies strengths and weaknesses in an individuals’ intellectual and educational profile. These variations can cause frustration, anxiety and social difficulties.
Within the formal assessment setting, Mary is also able to note children’s anxiety, resilience in the face of challenge, social interactions and so on, and as such these sessions form part of an assessment into attention deficit, specific learning difficulties, anxiety and motivational issues.

In the case of Gifted Children, there is often a mismatch between their unique pattern of advanced abilities with those of their same aged peers, and also with their own current levels of physical and emotional development. These incongruities in development, can lead to stress, and along with social relationships. It can also explain secondary behavioural issues which can arise when children are not engaged in classroom work which they have already mastered, or whose anxiety is leading to avoidant strategies such as oppositionality or even somatic complaints.
A thorough psychometric assessment allows the parents, the school, and the child themselves to better understand their experience of being in the world. Parenting, educational and therapeutic strategies are then developed with reference to this holistic understanding of the child.

Psychometric assessment is not currently claimable under medicare better access. It is claimable under most health funds. Session fees are $200, with most children requiring 3 sessions to complete the assessment, followed by a feedback session. A report fee is also incurred, and ranges between $250 and $350 depending on the complexity of the report.