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Couples and Relationship Counselling

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About Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling is designed to assist couples to fix their issues, problems, and resolve conflicts and areas of disagreement.

Our counsellors will use a range of relationship counselling techniques to help you, your partner and your relationship in the process of counselling.
These methods may include:

  • discussing difficult topics
  • sharing and reflecting on feelings
  • analysing behaviour and behavioural patterns
  • improving your communication style
  • teaching you and your partner techniques and strategies to assist in your conversation style and behavior
  • role playing and role modeling
  • asking and talking to you about your childhood and family history
  • pointing out, analyzing and correcting behaviour and communication used in your everyday relationship.

Our Philosophy and Approach

At Thinking Families, our core philosophy and approach to couples and relationship counselling are deeply rooted in a compassionate, understanding, and client-focused ethos. We believe in the power of listening and caring, as reflected in our motto: “We Listen. We Care. Talk to Us.”

Can relationship counselling help? Absolutely. Our approach has proven effective in numerous cases, providing significant relationship help and improvement.

Holistic and Empathetic Care

Our approach is holistic, considering not just the immediate concerns but the overall well-being of individuals and their relationships. We understand that each couple’s journey is unique, and we tailor our counselling to meet these diverse needs.

Specialized in Couples and Relationship Counselling

Our couples and relationship counselling is designed to bridge gaps, restore passion, and bring partners back together. We focus on creating a safe and supportive environment where both individuals can openly express their feelings and work towards a common goal of relationship enrichment.

Couples therapy for trust issues is a specific area where we have seen considerable success, helping couples rebuild trust and strengthen their bond.

Experienced and Accredited Team

Our resident accredited social worker specializes in various aspects of mental health and relationship therapy. This diversity in expertise ensures that we can offer comprehensive support, addressing a wide range of issues from different professional perspectives.

Commitment to Accessibility

We are committed to making our services as accessible as possible, offering flexible hours, weekend appointments, and Medicare & private health rebates. This commitment ensures that our services are available to all who need them, regardless of their schedule or financial situation.

How do I know if I have relationship problems?

Signs that you have relationship problems include:

  • a lack of chemistry
  • a feeling of fleeting chemistry
  • a controlling and demanding personality
  • continuous repetitive fights (for example financial disagreements)
  • issues from the past continually resurfacing
  • lack of trust, respect, and honesty
  • lack of communication or having emotional walls up
  • difficulty being vulnerable
  • you don’t enjoy each other’s friends or family

Is couples counselling actually effective?

There are many benefits to couples counselling, including: preventing a separation or divorce, clarifying needs and feelings, deepening the connection between two parties, removing obstructions and creating strategies and techniques to avoid arguments and miscommunication.

Counselling can also be beneficial and effective in:

  •  Learning communication skills
  • Listening to your partner before making judgement or starting an argument
  • Better understand the struggles, challenge, worries, concerns and fears of your partner and yourself
  • Learning how to fight and disagree in a safe way
  • Improving intimacy and overcoming the boundaries involved
  • Learning how to respect family relationships, needs and boundaries
  • Learning about personal boundaries and needs as well as past history
  • Deciding whether to stay in the relationship and fix the issues or to part ways.

Many couples have found that counselling has saved their relationship, made a transition easier, allowed for a mutual and safe break up or provided the support that they required while teaching, helping and creating an open space to resolve their issues.

How do I know if I have relationship problems?

At Thinking Families 80% of the couples involved in couples counselling have found improvement in their relationship by the end of their counselling schedule.

We are highly experienced and knowledgeable as couples therapists, using techniques created to help couples communicate and build stronger, loving relationships that result in long term happiness and success.

If you and your partner are in the process of separating or have separated, counselling can assist in helping the transition to be an easy and simple process for everyone involved, especially if there are young children in the equation.

How We Can Help You

Thinking Families can provide the support and neutral party that a couple requires.
We are able to provide the strategies and techniques that contribute to a positive relationship while providing a listening and supportive ear.

The team of highly experienced therapists and counsellors put in the effort and time in understand your individual background and needs, and help you and your partner move forward towards a happy, healthy and long-lasting relationship.

New to Counselling? What to Expect

Our counsellors are here for you and your relationship so they will ask questions about your relationship, childhood, personal history, why you sought help and if you have seen a counsellor before.

You may be wondering, what does relationship counselling involve? In your sessions, you will need to communicate honestly, reflect on what is said and how it makes you feel, while being open to valuable feedback from your counsellor as well as each other.

Often in the first session of counselling, your counsellor will encourage you to share your story and get to know the causes of your relationship dysfunction.

It is not necessary for you to both attend these sessions but it is valuable to both be present to openly share and receive information.

We may provide you with homework, exercises, couple activities or other tasks created and aimed at enhancing and improving the effectiveness of your communication and dynamic


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Opting for couples counselling can be a pivotal step in enhancing your relationship. It provides a supportive environment to address issues, develop communication skills, and deepen mutual understanding.

  • Couples therapy is beneficial for all types of couples, not just those who are married. It’s designed for anyone in a committed relationship, whether dating, engaged, living together, or in a long-term partnership, looking to improve their relationship dynamics.

  • The frequency of couples therapy sessions depends on the specific needs and objectives of each couple. While some may find weekly sessions beneficial, others might prefer a bi-weekly or monthly schedule.

  • The appropriate couples counselling approach depends on your relationship’s specific challenges and dynamics. An initial assessment will help identify the most suitable counselling approach for you.

  • The standard rate is $220 per session.

  • Thinking Families offers couples counselling in Brisbane, including specific areas like Paddington, Kelvin Grove, South Brisbane, and the broader Brisbane region.