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Family Therapy

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The family is the cornerstone of our society. Families provide a safe, secure, nurturing environment in which children can learn many important things about life, relationships and themselves. These days, families are also busier than ever and time together to just ‘hang out’ and re-connect with each other can sometimes be hard to find.

When things go wrong in families, Family therapy can help put things right. Family therapy is quite different to other kinds of counselling or therapy because a Family Therapist will often work with the whole family, all together. There is a good reason for that. The issues which bring people to therapy often concern the whole family in one way or another, even if they are not directly involved. For example, something simple like the happy co-operative twelve year old’s sudden change into a sullen un-communicative teen can have a major impact on family members. The more profound experiences like the death of a parent or sibling or the grief associated with separation and divorce can have an ongoing effect. In Family therapy everyone has an opportunity to express their views in a safe, respectful environment and out of these discussions, plans, solutions, deeper understanding and a stronger family can emerge.

Why us

Our experienced Family Counsellors support parents in their roles and responsibilities and aim to improve communication and understanding in families. Family therapy has developed a range of effective tools and techniques to help family members deal more effectively with the stresses and challenges of modern family life.

If your family is experiencing a particular problem or you believe the people in your family could benefit from an opportunity to talk about how they see that it is functioning, contact us here to discuss whether Family Therapy could be the right approach for you.