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General Counselling

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About General Counselling

Counselling is for individuals who need social, emotional, and educational support. It is designed for you based on your needs, gender, age and background, as well as social and economic situation.

What happens during counselling uniquely depends on your needs. Using practical methods to deal with the actual cause of your challenges, as well as conversations, counselling is an opportunity to talk about yourself and to work through your experiences and troubles.

Our counsellor are there to help you understand patterns and identify strategies, tactics and techniques to help you move forward and find balance in your life. Counsellors can be valuable help for people who are struggling and provide opportunities for relief from your troubles and traumas.

At Thinking Families we will always respect you, treat you as an individual, and always respect your opinion and feelings.

Why Choose Us?

Counselling may be beneficial for people in a range of situations. Thinking Families help Queensland minds find the calm they are looking for. Offering accredited Mental Health Social Workers, Clinical Psychologists and Family Therapists, we have gained immense experience in the 30 years providing support, counselling and therapy in a range of roles, practices and organizations.

Experts in family and couple relationship counselling, separation and divorce, parenting and child behaviour management, help is always there when you need it most.

How do I know if I need counselling?

There are many signs to be aware of that may mean you should seek professional help. Some of these signs include:

  • Changes in sleep
  • Changes in appetite
  • Feeling dissatisfied with yourself
  • Feeling dissatisfied with your life
  • Changes in personal circumstances that have a negative affect on you
  • Feelings you do not like or fear

Seeking a qualified counsellor is important as they will encourage you to talk freely and without judgment.

Counsellors are not biased and bring validity to your feelings while assisting you to work through them.

Many people have feelings of anxiety, nervousness or uncertainty about meeting a counsellor, particularly for the first time.

These are all common health concerns where counselling may provide relief.

However, at Thinking Families we provide a safe and nurturing environment where you are heard, understood and accepted.

If you feel nervous or anxious please talk to your counsellor and create a plan to handle these feelings.

Are you dealing with the following common concerns?

Counselling is a normal and natural approach to help overcome the challenges in your life. Some of the most common obstacles that counselling can help you deal with include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Dealing with a loss or in the process of grief
  • Individuals with anger issues
  • Going through a divorce or separation
  • Those who struggle with panic attacks
  • Those who struggle with eating disorders

These are all common health concerns where counselling may provide relief.

Couples may also seek counselling for relationship issues and to understand the causes of relationship difficulties, and develop prevention strategies for future relationship issues.

Benefits of counselling?

  • Face your issues in a safe environment
  • Discover your weaknesses and strengths
  • Share your worries and stress triggers
  • Identifying your goals and desires
  • A non-judgemental and accepting space where you are heard.

New to counselling?
What to expect.

In your first counselling session we’ll ask you questions in order to make an initial assessment.

These questions might include: personal history, symptoms, why you sought help and if you have seen a counsellor before as well as questions about your current situation.


We are located at 87 Baroona Rd, Paddington, QLD, 4064


Frequently Asked Questions

  • No you do not need to have a referral. However if you do provide a referral you can claim a rebate through Medicar

  • Yes you can cancel. However, a 24 hour notice is required or charges may apply.

  • The standard rate is $190 per session.

  • Friend’s hold opinions and often want them heard. Trained therapist have the skills and knowledge to safely explore feelings, thoughts, events, traumas and needs. Counsellors can provide support, and advice in ways friends can not while noticing patterns, reactions, needs and behaviour.