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Is your relationship worth repairing?

September 20, 2019

Love is blind, or so the saying goes, but how far should one go in terms of compromising themselves, their values and their happiness in the name of love? At what point does a relationship become irreparable?

Relationships are hard work and yet, human connection is what we as a civilization have founded ourselves upon. Many people will tell you love indeed is the very purpose of life.
However, there is a distinct difference between a healthy relationship which requires some compromise and flexibility versus an utterly unhealthy relationship which can easily become toxic and destructive. If your relationship adds to your life, brings you joy, is emotionally stable, does not drain, harm or impede you in any way and is something you believe to be healthy despite the challenges your relationship faces, then it may be worth investing in professional help.

Clinical advice through organisations offering couples counselling is a common and effective way to address the issues of your relationship so you can begin to repair your problems and enjoy a healthy partnership. Thinking Families based in Paddington, Queensland offers professional couple counselling so you can receive the help you need to enjoy a loving and balanced relationship. As Thinking Families explains, many of the challenges faced in relationships “…can be resolved with patience, compassion and understanding. When the issues seem overwhelming, impossible to talk about or lead inevitably to unresolved conflict it may be time to call in a specialist relationship counsellor” (2019). Thinking Families founder Glenn Munt has over 30 years’ experience working with Adult Psychiatry. Whilst relationships can be challenging, they can also be worthwhile repairing if they bring you joy and add to your life in a positive way. Sometimes the issues faced in a partnership can be overwhelming and it’s times like these that professional counselling can be the best way to address the issues and begin a path of healing.

If you or your partner believe your relationship is worth repairing but feel helpless and emotionally exhausted, Thinking Families can support you. Offering complete confidentiality and the highest professional standards, your relationship can receive the time and advice it needs so you can start enjoying the joys that come with a healthy and happy partnership.

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